Buyerlink Acquires SkyRocket Media

May 4, 2022
Press Release
January 24, 2023

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., May 04, 2022 --  , a leading online marketplace for performance-based marketing, is pleased to announce the acquisition of  . The acquisition will complement Buyerlink’s portfolio, specifically allowing the business to scale its operations in the real estate sector.

Buyerlink's patented technology allows its platform to conduct millions of auctions every month, striving to connect consumers to perfectly matched service providers. Vertical and geography agnostic, Buyerlink currently serves the automotive, real estate, home services, solar, legal, insurance, and home warranty industries.

“SkyRocket and Buyerlink share the vision of delivering high-intent customers to businesses,” said Buyerlink founder and CEO, Payam Zamani. “We’re excited for SkyRocket’s highly talented team to join Buyerlink as we make progress to become the leading global platform for performance-based marketing.”

Based in Utah, Skyrocket Media operates in the performance-based marketing space, with established partnerships in the rent-to-own, foreclosure, and mortgage sectors. They build and market web properties that help clients of all sizes acquire new customers. This acquisition aligns with Buyerlink’s growth strategy as it expands on the business’s current capabilities, providing access to more diverse client needs.

“SkyRocket is thrilled to join Buyerlink,” adds SkyRocket COO, Keaton Hyde. “Our services fit in naturally with Buyerlink’s already robust performance-based marketing platform. Additionally, their commitment to corporate culture and company values compliments the culture we’ve cultivated within our team.”

The expansion of the Buyerlink marketplace continues to grow after the acquisitions of  , a cost-per-lead marketing solution for the solar and home warranty industries, and  , a leader in the pay-per-call space. Both Ƶ were acquired not only because of their relevance to Buyerlink, but for their company culture of intentionality, dedication to community service, and being a source of social good in the world.

Buyerlink, a    company, is actively seeking targeted acquisition opportunities. Given the power of the patented technology platform underlying Buyerlink, the company has a specific interest in cost-per-lead, cost-per-Enhanced-Click, and cost-per-call performance-based marketing Ƶ in any vertical and geography. A primary test for any company to be considered as an acquisition target will continue to be its culture and alignment with the ethos of Ƶ Group Ƶ. The spirit of ‘Innovation + Intention’ is critical to foster a powerful combination of business success and positive social impact.

About Buyerlink

is a leading online auction marketplace for performance-based marketing. Conducting millions of auctions monthly, Buyerlink’s patented technology allows businesses to access hyper-targeted consumer demand at any scale. Offering Enhanced Clicks™, qualified leads, inbound calls, transfers, call-verified leads, and pre-set appointments, Buyerlink enables businesses to meet customers where they are. The Buyerlink platform is category-agnostic, and currently serves the automotive, home services, home warranty, insurance, legal, real estate, and solar sectors.

Buyerlink is fully owned by , a hybrid tech firm that runs a suite of online technology and media businesses. Spanning a variety of industries including ad tech, publishing, and media, Ƶ’s mission is to support strong business ideas while building an ethos that helps improve society and gives back to communities. 

In 2021, Buyerlink acquired , a cost-per-lead solution for the solar and home warranty industries, and , a leader in the pay-per-call space. , a performance-based marketing company with established partnerships in the rent-to-own, foreclosure, and mortgage sectors, was acquired in 2022. With staff in Argentina, Armenia, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, and the United States, Buyerlink’s global headquarters is located in Walnut Creek, California.

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