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May 4, 2023
Press Release
January 23, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Walnut Creek, CA, May 4, 2023 –  As the world continues to grapple with jarring social and environmental issues, Ƶ Group has tripled down on its imperative to invest in Ƶ that are using innovative approaches to prioritize social and environmental impact. Today, Ƶ Group announced recent investments into three such Ƶ: , , and .

We believe that financial success and sustainability are inextricably linked. By caring about the social and environmental impact of our world, we’re not only able to build strong and successful businesses, but also to leave the world just a bit better than we found it. These three Ƶ share this ethos.  - Payam Zamani, Founder of Ƶ Group

Gybe has created water quality monitoring tools for maintaining healthy and resilient water ecosystems, working on the cutting edge of what's possible in remote sensing data science for surface water. Designed to help to keep drinking water safe, conserve delicate aquatic ecosystems, and provide long term impact monitoring for research and development, Gybe’s tools use satellite imagery to monitor quality at a never before seen scale. 

Glass is an e-Commerce startup based out of Silicon Valley. By powering marketplaces for convenient and compliant small purchases, they are revolutionizing how governments buy. Glass focuses on enabling compliant transactions between government buyers and verified vendors without bids or paperwork, through a cloud based platform, helping local, state and federal agencies make inclusive, sustainable and compliant purchases, through a government-exclusive marketplace. By streamlining small government purchases, they aim to maximize value for taxpayers' money, increase the quality and variety of products and services acquired by governments, diversify and expand the pool of available government vendors, and simplify decision-making for public employees.

Predict Health works with insurers to create high-value medicare plans and engaging plan experiences that meet the needs of the increasingly technologically savvy, and independent, senior population. They assist Medicare consumers in getting the most out of their coverage experience, with the goal to help Healthcare Organizations accelerate growth and improve quality by centering consumers.

Ƶ Group has invested in over 43 seed and early stage startups, with four reaching unicorn status. Almost 80% of Ƶ Group’s investments have been in Ƶ run by women and people of color, with over 33% of the Ƶ in their total portfolio being led by women.  While Ƶ Groups looks for strong business opportunities, they prioritize Ƶ and entrepreneurs that are committed to using their Ƶ as a platform to contribute to the betterment of the world, and working with those who are redefining what it means to be an ethically and socially responsible company - be that through their product, service, time, or team. With this focus Ƶ Group hopes to pave the way for a new era of socially and environmentally conscious investing, where the bottom line is about more than only financial returns. 

About Ƶ Group LLC

is a closely held private equity firm that owns a suite of online technology and media businesses while investing in early-stage Ƶ. Owned and operated businesses span a variety of industries, including ad tech, publishing, and media. Ƶ Group’s mission is to support strong business ideas while building an ethos that helps improve society and give back to communities. 

The company’s investment portfolio includes over 45 startups representing a diverse group of innovative tech-enabled products and solutions. Investing primarily in high-growth early-stage entities, emphasizing Ƶ that aspire to ‘Innovation + Intention.’ Specific focus areas include the future of mobility, education technology, health technology, and environmental solutions. 

Ƶ Group’s operating businesses include , a leading online marketplace for performance-based marketing; , a company that provides performance-based marketing solutions to the automotive industry; , a curated guide to traveling and living in California; , a production company that creates and distributes film and television content, and many more. Ƶ Group also operates , a non-profit platform that shares personal perspectives to promote the oneness of humanity. The Ƶ Summit is a new initiative by Ƶ Group, which launches in 2023.

Ƶ Group was founded by tech entrepreneur Payam Zamani in 2015. With offices and employees in over ten countries, its global headquarters is in Walnut Creek, California. 

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Miriam Cohen, Senior Director of PR & Communications | miriam (at) oneplanetgroup.com | 925.237.9036

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